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Wi-Fi First

Our phones use Wi-Fi wherever possible, at home, the office, or shops and cafes. We take advantage of the existing wireless internet all around us.


The Coolpad Arise offers all the features you need in an Android smartphone, and more, at a price you can afford. Don't pay more than you need to.


Buy the device and pay a cellular access fee, after that service can be free. Free unlimited calling on Wi-Fi and Free unlimited texting anywhere.

Start saving today!

You already have the wireless connectivity

Wi-Fi is everywhere and it is free

Percent of time
most Americans are
on Wi-Fi
Percent of voice
minutes used over Wi-Fi
public Wi-Fi hotspots
in 2015
average network speed
Wi-Fi : Cellular

And, if you're away from Wi-Fi?

We've still got you covered.


For as little as $7.99, you can jump on the Sprint network. Buy a pass to make calls, check Instagram, post a photo, and when your back on Wi-Fi its free again. No contracts to sign. If you need more data or voice, we've got bigger passes too.

Get on the cellular network any time.
It's super simple.


Getting cellular access

Coolpad Arise
Display: 4.0" WVGA
Camera: 2MP rear facing (with video)
Chipset: Snapdragon Dual Core 1.2Ghz
Operating System: Android Kitkat 4.4
Battery: Long lasting 1600mAh
Memory: 4GB ROM + 512MB RAM, Expandable
Dimensions: 123.3 * 63.6 * 11.6 mm
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Word on the street

If you mainly use your phone for texting and the occasional phone calls, then definitely get this phone.
My son likes having a smartphone like all his friends, and I like not having another monthly bill, so this is working perfectly for us.
I have been very impressed with both the phone and the service that Scratch Wireless provides. The free unlimited texting is definitely a huge plus.
If you're primarily using your phone at work and home with good Wi-Fi coverage, then this could be a real money saver.

What's the total cost?

Here's the entire situation

The Smartphone - $89

The Coolpad Arise offers exactly what you'll need from a Wi-Fi First Android Smartphone. Connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible for voice, texting and data. Run your apps and enjoy the freedom.

Cellular Access - $69 per year

To connect your device to the cellular networks we must charge an annual fee. We wish it didn't cost this much, but it does. This fee ensures you have access to cellular networks whenever you need it. As an added benefit we also give you unlimited free text messaging (Wi-Fi and Cellular) and unlimited free Wi-Fi calling.

Voice and Data Passes (optional)

When there's no Wi-Fi around, you're still good. Buying a pass is simple. You can jump on the Sprint network, make calls, check your email, post a photo, and when you're back on Wi-Fi it's all free again. Voice and data passes are sold seperately.

Voice Passes

30 day or 100 Minutes: $7.99

30 day and unlimited Minutes: $14.99

Data Passes

30 day or 200 MBs: $7.99

30 day or 500 MBs: $14.99

30 day or 1 GB: $24.99

That's it!

Buy the phone and pay for cellular access once per year. You get unlimited WiFi calling and unlimited texting, anywhere. No mandatory monthly charges. If you need cellular data or cellular voice you can buy it at any time. No problem!

Let's get this party started!

Order your Coolpad Arise and see your monthly cell phone bill go down to zero.
Smartphone service shouldn't cost so much. Let's get started today.

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